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Just For Fun Groups

Ready to Connect?

Just For Fun Networking Groups will meet at 4:00 pm during the three days of the July conference; then they will meet once a month throughout the year.


This group is focused on your health and wellbeing. At CAMT we care about you! Group activities will help you develop in body, mind and spirit. This group is designed to support you as you begin or continue on your journey into physical and mental wellness.

Garden Club: Cultivate Lasting Friendships

Whether you are a master gardener or just dipping your toe in the soil, this group is a place to share tips, be inspired and dish some dirt!

The Cook's Nook

This group will be focused on cooking a meal together in a virtual setting. Group members will be given a list of ingredients and a recipe, then they will prepare a meal together while group leaders share kitchen tips and tricks at a set time and date.

Life as a Foodie

Do you wake up in the morning and begin planning your meals for the day? This group is designed for people who love to eat and socialize with other people. Experience different restaurants across the state that have amazing food and make you feel like family when you are there.

But First Coffee

This is a group for coffee lovers, people who need coffee to function each day. Experience how coffee is grown, learn about different types of beans, and discover coffee recipes.

The Great Outdoors

Are you a nature lover? Does your soul long for outside when you are stuck indoors? This is a group for campers, hikers, birders, and people who need to breathe fresh air daily.

Professional Branding

Ready to build your professional learning network and your online image? This group will provide tips on how you can network with other professionals, help you think about how you communicate online, and build your online presence.

Adventure Awaits

Do you love to travel? This group is designed for people who love to travel. We will share destinations and points of interest to help you build your wish list for future travel.

Wine a Little, Laugh a Lot

Are you an oenophile or a wine enthusiast? This group is designed for people who enjoy learning about growing grapes, the wine making process, or sipping different types of wine based upon food pairings.


This group will explore the science behind beer brewing. Learn how craft beer is made and fermented and hear about different types of beers and APPS that help you track what you have sampled.


Additional groups coming soon


Additional groups coming soon.
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