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Extended Learning Communities

Keep On Learning

CAMT learning communities will meet on the second Wednesday of each month from August 2021 through May 2022. Look for the overview sessions from 4:00-5:00 pm each day of the conference. Feel free to join more than one learning community. All sessions will be recorded and available online.

Elementary Math Content Training

Join us monthly for a look at important math concepts for your grade level and how they relate to the grade levels around yours! You’ll receive learning you can use in your classroom as well as a better understanding of how what you teach fits into the larger picture of mathematical understanding. This learning community is sponsored by the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Vertical Alignment in Mathematics: Support for COVID

This learning community will focus on weaving readiness, experiential differences and learning standards into dynamic lessons. Come learn how to create impactful lessons that will engage learners. This learning community is sponsored by the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Deepen Your Understanding of Mathematics

This learning community is designed for educators in PK-12 that want to deepen their understanding of modeling, meaning-making, contextualized problems, problem solving and dynamic constructions. This learning community is sponsored by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Texas.
Tech Teaching

Using Technology to Teach Mathematics

This extended learning community will provide participants with ideas on how to use digital tools to increase student engagement and improve outcomes in the math classroom. This community is sponsored by the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
TCTM Support

Support for Mathematics Leaders

This learning community will develop your ability to lead others in the area of mathematics. Improve your skills in working with principals and teachers, implementation support, and data analysis. This group is sponsored by the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
TASM image

Leadership and Coaching Community

This learning community will develop the way leaders interact with data, emergent bilingual and English learners, literacy connections, and making math accessible for all learners. This learning community is sponsored by the Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics.

STEM Community

These community sessions explore a multitude of strategies for implementing and reinforcing STEM practices in daily instruction, as well as exploring the practical applications of TI technology in the classroom. Data collection and coding technologies are available for these sessions upon request.

Exam Strategies Community

Math teachers are invited to learn ways to drive student success on high-stakes exams utilizing TI technology, including the SAT®, ACT®, AP® and Texas EOC exams. This learning community will also highlight key content strategies that can be applied across all testing environments.

TI-Nspire CX Learning Community

Discover ways to develop and grow your students’ aptitude for math and science with TI-Nspire™ CX technology and teacher software. These community sessions explore the functionality and range features of this technology and how it can be utilized across all classrooms.
CL23126_2021 CAMT Virtual Learning Communities-Strands

TI-84 Plus Learning Community

Explore the TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator and teacher software to learn ways to strengthen students’ understanding of math and science concepts. These community sessions cover a range of topics for utilizing this technology in your classroom for a richer learning environment.

Differentiating Mathematics in Middle School Grades

This learning community is designed to help teachers differentiate instruction at the middle school level. Participants will learn strategies to help students accelerate within the math classroom. This community is sponsored by the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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